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Noitibihoc, the big mystery of free play for adults

this blog helps me to project my analysis into a written text and share it with the world.

During the exhibition of Noitibihoc, I collaborated with Clio Van Aerde. We played together as well as with the public.

general observations were

- we both needed other people to play with most of the time.

- sometimes we could play the two of us, but we would still be impatiantly waiting for the visitors to join us.

- adults generally need some time before they can commit to play. They generally enter the exhibition space first, without missions nor costumes, to observe everything around. Then they decide whether or not they want to enter a game.

- the initial exploration, I assume is part of the process to dive into play.

- people who have prepared to come to the exhibition, are also mentally more ready to enter play. They have already taken the decision to enter into this different experience.

- Adults play better and faster, when there are people already playing inside the exhibition.

- Those adults who did decide to play, have played for about one to 2 hours.

- Adults who are in company of their children seem to play for their children. They look like they do not fully enter the playmode but rather stay in a immitation, make belief mode.


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