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8 play personalities

       By Stuart Brown

💩  Joker

A Joker is a person who adores comedy and comic situations, they are often the people who make others laugh.

👩🏾‍🎨  Artist creator

The Artist creator is a personality that focuses on the creation of things, such as crafting, decorating, painting, cleaning...

🧝🏼‍♂️  Story teller

The story teller can be someone who either enjoys creating stories or who enjoys reading, seeing, hearing stories.

They are often interested in the lives of the characters of stories. 

🎩  Director

The director is someone who likes to be in charge, who likes to organise and who likes to get things done. This can be a more typical theater play, but it can also be a dinner party, managing a company etc.

🚣🏼‍♂️  Kinesthete

A Kinesthete is someone who likes to challenge their body. This person likes to do bodily activities such as dancing, climbing, bunjy jumping.

🗺  Explorer

An Explorer explores, likes to find new places, whether that is in their own home or in the world. They are curious about the unknown and are open minded for other cultures.

🕰  Collector

A collector likes to collect, wether that is things or places, they might even have difficulties throwing anything away.

🏆  Competitor

      A person with the competitor's personality is a person who likes to be challenged, to be in competition with others of with themselves. 

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